by Joseph Iorillo

psy·cho·man·te·um  (sī´kō-man´tē-əm)  n. A dimly lit chamber consisting of a large gazing mirror or reflective surface used for the purposes of communing with spirits of the dead.

In an attempt to contact the spirit of her deceased father, Melissa Chambliss constructs a ritual chamber in her home, a mirrored room known as a psychomanteum. But instead of gaining closure with her father, she receives cryptic messages from a mysterious entity known only as the Black Prince. In her quest to make sense of the messages, Melissa seeks the aid of Ben Ridgeway, a psychologist with experience in the paranormal. Following the Black Prince's clues, they soon find themselves on the trail of an elusive murderer. Unwilling to cease her investigation, Melissa is drawn into a dark and dangerous world, and as she gets closer to discovering the identity of the Black Prince, she begins to discover an emerging truth about herself.

Goodnight Blackbird

by Joseph Iorillo

Two Souls Haunted by Tragedy... Darren and Jacqueline are strangers, drawn together by an uncommon bond. They both fear that their houses may be haunted. The dilemma affects them each in very different ways. While Jacqueline's ghost rekindles tender memories from a past she cannot let go, the spirit that plagues Darren manifests itself in dangerous ways, threatening the lives of those closest to him. As they embark on separate journeys to unravel the mysteries of the past, their discoveries lead them each to their own dark and tragic truths.

This House is Empty Now

by Joseph Iorillo

Not All Ghosts Are Dead... After the death of his mother, college professor Ray Strickland is plagued by a mysterious presence that seems to be inhabiting the sizeable mansion that he has inherited. At first, the entity makes itself known in subtle ways, but as more time passes, it becomes more aggressive and threatening, affecting every aspect of Ray's personal life. His world slowly begins to turn upside-down, prompting him to seek the help of priests, psychics, and even a paranormal support group. The strange occurrences give the astute professor cause to theorize that the entity may well be the spirit of his recently departed mother who is trying to control his affairs from beyond the grave. As the haunting mystery unfolds, the true nature of the watchful presence slowly reveals itself.

Tales from the Dark Tower

by Joseph Vargo with Joseph Iorillo

Vampires who dwell deep within forbidden crypts, lost souls who wander mist-shrouded cemeteries, and gargoyles of living stone. Herein lie the dark legends scribed long ago.
      These tragic tales of myth and forbidden lore chronicle a sinister legacy, as it unfolded in the forgotten past, and the curse that yet lurks within the shadow of The Dark Tower. This lavishly illustrated anthology features 13 sinister and darkly alluring tales based upon the gothic artwork of Joseph Vargo. Each story in this unique anthology is woven together to create a compelling saga of vampire lore.

Beyond The Dark Tower

by Joseph Vargo and Joseph Iorillo

This sequel to the acclaimed anthology Tales From The Dark Tower continues the Gothic saga of the vampire Lord Brom and his battle against the forces that lurk in the citadel of shadows known as The Dark Tower.
      No one is certain how long The Dark Tower has stood. It is believed to be a place of great evil, haunted by dark angels and spirits of the restless dead. Legends say the Tower was once the ancient fortress of the Dark Queen, Mara, and her infernal legions. Other tales tell of a warrior knight—once a man, but now an immortal creature of darkness—who stands vigil over the fallen queen's tomb.

Return To The Dark Tower

by Joseph Vargo and Joseph Iorillo

Vampires, ghosts and creatures of the night await in this finale to Joseph Vargo's gothic saga. Enter the Dark Tower once more to discover a realm of passion, mystery and horror.
      In the ancient catacombs beneath the Dark Tower, a slumbering evil has been awakened. Fearsome creatures born of shadow rise from the infernal depths to serve the Dark Queen as the legion of the Black Dawn. As a sacred prophecy comes to light, the fate of mankind rests upon a lone guardian who stands at the threshold between the realms of the living and the dead, an immortal knight sworn to defend the world he once knew and all he yet loves.

The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror

by Joseph Vargo, Joseph Iorillo, and Timothy Bennett

Welcome to Darklore Manor, where spirits of the dead do not rest easy, nor do they find release from their eternal suffering... This anthology contains thirteen tales of terror, covering a vast array of horror themes involving living gargoyles, creepy dolls, dark urban legends, secret societies, and murderous madmen. The main story is a novella based on Nox Arcana’s nightmarish concept album, Darklore Manor.
      When a team of ghost hunters sets out to investigate a legendary haunted house, they encounter several spirits of the restless dead and awaken an ancient evil that hungers for human souls. Years later, they are plagued by nightmares and the survivors return to the house to confront their darkest fears. This eerie and horrific tale is reminiscent of classic ghost stories like The Legend of Hell House and The Haunting.

Born of the Night

Forward by Joseph Iorillo
Artwork by Joseph Vargo

This collection features over 100 distinctive works of fantasy and imagination, published together for the first time. With introduction and summaries by Joseph Iorillo and additional commentaries by the artist, this volume offers comprehensive insights into Vargo's gothic domain.
      The powerful and captivating artwork of Joseph Vargo opens a gateway to the darkside and dares the viewer to venture within. While his work is dominated by an immense and memorable array of ominous and often nightmarish entities, his timeless images are also permeated with tremendous beauty, grace and symmetry. His art has achieved a resonance and popularity partially because of this ability to shed light on the inner demons that lurk in the shadows of the mind, while also not forgetting the sometimes majestic grandeur that resides there as well.

The Gothic Tarot Compendium

by Joseph Iorillo and Joseph Vargo

This book is an essential key to understanding The Gothic Tarot cards, and offers Vargo's personal insights concerning the mythological and occult symbolism hidden within his artwork. This comprehensive resource features illustrations of all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, translations of their symbolic meanings, explanations of their personal significance, and detailed instructions for several traditional and original card layouts that reinforce the gothic theme of the artwork.